Stettler Properties was founded in 1974 by Dale & Gayle Stettler, they started with a single Victorian house that was divided into two units. Stettler Properties has developed into its current size through the effort of Dale and Gayle Stettler, their family and many dedicated employees. In January 2016, Koller Stettler became a partner in their latest acquisition of Bloomingfield Court. Dale was responsible for financial analysis and procurement of the properties while Gayle manages Human Resources and Accounting.

The Stettler Family has also founded other businesses in related fields. Gayle is a licensed real estate broken in Wisconsin and the president of Stettler Management, Inc. while Dale was a certified general contractor. Both Dale and Gayle founded a residential and commercial construction firm in the 1980’s where they received the Wisconsin Society of Architects award for “Best Renovation of a Historic Building” for their work on the Lappin Hayes building in downtown Janesville, Wisconsin.

From 1974 on, the Stettler’s have “flipped” dozens of units and build houses on speculation as well as custom houses throughout the area. Their major commercial renovation project was the conversion of the Uihlein mansion, in Milwaukee, into six condominiums.  After Dale passed away in 2016, son Koller has helped to continue the success of Stettler Properties. The mission of Stettler Properties remains to provide safe and affordable housing to the students and community members of Whitewater, Wisconsin. Stettler Properties is a proud supporter of UW-Whitewater’s Wheel Chair Basketball Team, Intermural Sports, Greater Whitewater Committee, and Whitewater’s Lions Club.