What are the lease dates?
June 1st and through the middle of May the following year.

Is this a joint lease?
Yes, all leases are joint leases. A joint lease means that if one party on the lease can not fulfill the total rent per this contract, the remaining party on the lease is held liable.

Are these pet friendly units?
Stettler Properties has pet friendly and non-pet friendly units. There is an additional charge for dogs and cats.

Do I need Renter’s Insurance?
Although it is not mandatory that our tenants have renter’s insurance; it is highly recommended. If a fire, break-in, or damage were to occur tenants would be held liable. Stettler Properties insurance does not cover any of the tenant’s belongings.

Is Stettler Properties related to UW-Whitewater?
Although, Stettler Properties is not affiliated with UW-Whitewater. We proudly serve students and residents in the Whitewater area.